Jacuzzi® is the world’s most recognised, and the largest provider of hot tubs, swim spas, whirlpool baths and saunas. But before we came to be the global brand we are today, the Jacuzzi® name originally belonged to an italian family with an extraordinary story ahead of them.

It begins with the eldest Jacuzzi® brothers…

Jacuzzi® Brothers

…who gradually started immigrating to California in the early 1900s and quickly went from picking fruit to pionerring a number of industry firsts in aviation and agriculture but the diagnosis of rheumatois arthritis before Ken Jacuzzi turned two that became the inspiration behind their most important breakthrough.

In 1946, the youngest of the seven brothers set out to develop what became the J-300 protable pump that would help Ken live a better quality of life, which when placed in a bath, gave hime and subsequently users access to the many benefits of hydrotherapy, whenever they needed it. It was an overnight success, and a moment in history now recognised as the birth of hydromassage.

Jacuzzi® ARGA&Trade;

Fast forward to today and it’s now been over half a century since we first started creating our range of home and commercial products, and self-care has remained a core part of Jacuzzi®’s philosophy. With over 250 worldwide patents, including for the world’s first hydrotherapy pump, Jacuzzi® is an industry leader in performance, recovery and wellness, we design every last detail with your wellbeing in mind and work with a range of elite athletes and wellness ambassadors to help people move better and feel better every day.