Jacuzzi® baths are available in two unique types. The traditional relaxation and recovery focused Whirlpool bath that Jacuzzi® is renowned for around the world, and our new award winning Swirlpool® baths which are designed for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Jacuzzi® Whirlpool

Gentle pressure on muscle tissue increases circulation. This stimulates blood flow, which can help muscles and joints recover from fatigue or injury, and makes it easier to move.

The exclusive, patented TargetPro™ jetting offers adjustable jet stream direction and intensity for a personalised massage experience.

The Whirlpool Experience

Jacuzzi® Aqualibrium® delivers a perfect balance of air and water is vitally important to the quality of any whirlpool system. Our Patented TargetPro™ jets draw air 360° from its outer edges to its core, delivering a powerful massage without being overly aggressive. Jacuzzi® jets maintain an optimal mix of air and water to deliver a relaxing high-flow, low-pressure massage.

Jacuzzi® AquaSystem™ baths come with four pre-built massage programmes designed to suit every bathing need.


Simplified Maintenance

Jacuzzi® Whirlpool baths come with varying levels of built-in sanitising system with care reminders. Systems range from manual to automatic depending on the model you choose. 


Jacuzzi® Swirlpool®

Derived from the Greek word for ‘slow’, Arga™ is the revolutionary Jacuzzi® bath that uses state-of-the- art technology to help decelerate life and make more moments count.

This stunning oval-shaped bath has been designed to be fluid, minimalistic and versatile, effortlessly blending into any bathroom setting with simplicity and style.

Soothing, sensory, and most importantly silent, Arga™ delivers
an immersive experience you’ll want to soak up day after day thanks to its revolutionary features.


The Swirlpool® Experience

The Jacuzzi® Arga™ bath entices the senses with a much-needed retreat into calm and renewal. Through the power of Swirlpool® jets, the soothing sound of swirling water and the lull of a delicate waterfall will coax you into a state of total relaxation.


Whisper+ Technology®

Surrender to tranquility as the caress of always-warm water through Whisper+ Technology® which allows you to hear only the peaceful sound of a slow-moving stream.


Illuminated Glass Touchpad

The beautiful, soft touch of the illuminated glass touch control activates the Arga™ experiences and gently pivots to reveal the salt mixing chamber.

Proprietary Salts Infuser

Engage your senses further with salts. The mixing chamber precisely blends the salt with warm water and delivers it gently into the bathwater moving in a circular motion around the bathtub; a true treat for the senses.



In Summary

While both Whirlpool and Swirlpool® offer indulgent wellbeing experiences designed to create the most extraordinary pause. The choice often comes down to personal choice of muscle recovery vs a tranquil experience for the senses.